Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who the Heck Am I?

Above all things, I’m an eater. 
Mealtimes are the milestones of my day.  I’ll ogle a frosted cupcake in a shop window the way some girls will drool over a diamond solitaire.  I fall asleep with my mouth watering over visions of the morning’s fluffy mushroom omelet dancing in my head.  On more than one occasion I’ve blown the better part of an afternoon at Whole Foods, just looking.   
If you have found yourself in these or similar scenarios, then there’s a strong possibility you are thinking about a sandwich right now.  (Let’s be honest, who isn’t?)  There’s also a chance you might understand the lifetime love affair I have had with stuffing my face.  You might have an inkling about the thrill I get when I contemplate the wonderful diversity of, say… crust.  Like the flaky crust under a warm peach pie, soaked with syrupy juice, or the crispy crust on a thick rib-eye steak, seared hard on the griddle.  The charred, chewy crust around the edge of a brick-oven pizza- the crunchy, sugary crusty top on a chocolate chip muffin (you know the ones…)  

But wait, where was I?

Not only do I love to eat, I live to cook and bake- so much in fact that I made it my job, and I met and married a man who also made it his job.  I am a cake designer/ pastry chef here in NYC’s East Village and my husband puts in 80+ hours a week as a sous chef at Ai Fiori.  We work, dine and drink in the restaurants and bars of this great city- probably the most exciting place in the world to do those things- and our friends cook the food you eat for dinner.

          And why do I blog?
          To chronicle all the mouth-watering things I eat and create, the tantalizing people I meet, and the delicious places I go all over this world.  And to share it with you, because of my undying need to feed.  I 'll make you drool, make you smile, and hopefully keep you full and satisfied.

So put on your fat pants and enjoy!


  1. Yay food blog! This is a fantastic idea for you, I'm so glad you're doing it!!

  2. This is totally Amazing! I know you've been thinking about it for a while; I'll be following!!