Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pickle Juice

  PJ and I are both crazy for pickles, and it seems I can never buy enough of them- even the biggest jar I can find doesn't sit in our fridge for more than a few days, especially if they're the crunchy half sours from Russ and Daughters.      

  We decided what we needed was our own supply of crisp pickled kirbys in a container so big that even he couldn't reach the bottom of it.  I picked up some vinegar, coriander, garlic and fresh dill and PJ got a huge glass jar and a bagful of mini cucumbers.  We washed and scrubbed the dirt off of them and their skins turned bright and shiny green.   

  Then PJ toasted the coriander seeds until they started to pop and smell delicious- he threw in some whole black peppercorns and a couple of bay leaves.

  He added white vinegar and heated it so the salt could dissolve, then he chilled and diluted the brine with ice cubes. 

  I piled in the cucumbers in the clean jar with peeled garlic cloves and sprigs of fresh dill, then PJ ladled the cold liquid over top.

  And into the fridge! 

  Two days later the cucumbers have already taken on a tart dill-pickly flavor that will just keep getting better.  Putting the cold brine on them has kept them crisp and bright green in color. 

  Finally, a solution to our pickle- we'll be enjoying these crunchy beauties for months to come.  Stay tuned for updates!

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